Email Marketing For SME's: Worth The Effort Or Not?

Despite the abundance of tools available to brands looking to market themselves, email marketing is still one of the best bets for growth.

Email marketing has evolved into an incredibly powerful and cost-effective tool for direct marketing on a massive scale over the years, and in 2021 it’s become less about simplysending a well-worded sales copy and more about creating an impactful experience that resonates with your prospects.

Here are a few simple tips for you to do just that with your email marketing strategies.

5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Email Marketing For Your Brand

Maintain Authenticity Above All Else

There’s nothing a consumer values more than a brand that gives off an authentic identity and demonstrates a genuine commitment to its goals.

Over 60% of consumers will arrive at a purchase decision only if a brand is in line with their beliefs.

Embrace Interactive Content

Interactive content enables your customers to experience your brand from an entirely new level.

The inclusion of dynamic design features such as animated carousels, star ratings and questionnaires can boost your click-to-open rate by up to 73% with
embedded videos boosting rates by up to 300%

Optimize For Mobile

If your email or web page doesn’t work on mobile in 2021, it’s best if it doesn’t work at all. Enhance the user experience by:

i. Keeping your message concise
ii. Keep subject lines short and on point
iii. Make your CTA’s (call to action) prominent

More than half of all emails sent are read on mobile, but almost half of them don’t have proper formatting, Here’s an example of a finely crafted email from


Establish familiarity and humanize your interactions, emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. Sounding weird or pushy may
have the opposite effect.

So we now know that email marketing services are still relevant and impactful today, if you still find yourself asking ‘why’ and ‘what’ when it comes to ease of use and costs involved, read on to find out more.

According to Forbes, the Return On Investment for social media is 95%. 

Can you guess the ROI for email marketing? An eye-watering 4200%

So in terms of ROI, email marketing overpowers social media.

Here’s a brand that properly harnessed the power of email marketing


Drift is a revenue acceleration platform that tapped into the emotions of people who signed up for their mailing list with this deeply conversational welcome email.

This short, relevant email campaign resulted in a 75% open rate and an impressive 25% response rate with genuine responses from their subscribers. Drift’s email campaign is a stellar example of how to maintain a direct and personal touch even with automated messaging.

The Benefits of Email Marketing For Small Businesses

Email marketing strategies are very effective for small to medium enterprises and helps growand maintain your client base, here are a few more benefits of this proven strategy.

It’s Cost-Effective

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies available, email service providers such as MailChimp and SendinBlue provide great value with their free packages and have attractive pricing if your needs increase.

Easy To Use

Using an email service is dead easy, here are the 4 pillars of email marketing 

    • Capture email addresses
    • Manage campaigns and lists
    • Design email campaigns
    • Deliver email campaigns

Run through this process and create a killer campaign, then send your targeted message to your contact list with the click of a button.

Quick To Perform

Unlike social media, email marketing doesn’t need to be constantly monitored and looked after. A monthly or weekly newsletter may be all you need to stay on your customer’s minds.

Better Brand Recognition And Credibility

Increased credibility leads to fewer of your emails ending up ignored or deleted. Having brand recognition means that readers will look forward to your messages and potentially provide valuable feedback on your brand.

Increased Web Traffic

Emails are a great way to drive some traffic to your growing website, a small email campaign is all it takes to get readers to engage with content on your site or blog.

For the curious among you, here’s a curated list by Hubspot of a few companies that did email marketing right.

Wrap Up

Email remains an incredibly powerful channel that gives you an unparalleled level of accessibility. Personalized interactive content that engages readers coupled with mobile responsiveness is always a winning combo.

Have you had luck with email marketing? Are the results as you expect them to be? If not, get in touch with us at [email protected] so we can help you funnel in the traffic you should really be getting.